Welcome to Prove Your World

The Prove Your World interactive video experience centers on a junk shop/science supply store inhabited by humans and puppet characters who love both doing scientific inquiry and making sure each other’s lives never get too boring. The three puppet “kids” have irreverent and distinct personalities that viewers will recognize and identify with. Together with Brian (Dr. Brian Koberlein, a human astrophysicist at RIT) and Emmy (the adult puppet owner of the shop) the “kids” use a variety of learner-centered approaches, inquiry-based investigation, and humor to work through science questions submitted to Prove Your World by actual 8- to 13-year-olds.

We’re currently focused on the following projects:

1.  Short (1-4 minute) web videos in which a few of the characters address a more specific question asked by a child out in the real world (e.g., Why do we have hair? Is blood really blue? Why can’t animals talk?). These web videos provide targeted information in an engaging short format.

2.  More elaborate video segments that focus on broader investigations and employ an inquiry-based approach. Viewers will see the denizens of the shop (1) start with an initial question or misconception taken from kids’ actual questions (e.g., How does gravity work?/Gravity only pulls things down), (2) design and conduct an experiment (3) evaluate the results, (4) apply this new understanding to the original question/misconception and then (5) expand that new understanding to related issues in the real world. Each of the five segments can either stand independently or be combined into a broader program that models the entire inquiry process. These segments are high quality/HD productions suitable for both web viewing and traditional media/TV distribution.

3.  Prove Your World also provides web-site content that can be accessed by both interested kids and adults. This content provides answers to kids’ questions, expands upon the information and investigations in the video presentations, and acts as an interactive point of contact between PYW and our audience.