The Characters



Interested in earth and space science, she is laser-focused on the FACTS relevant (or, sometimes, less relevant) to a given investigation. Meticulous and thorough, she has a tendency to lose sight of the forest because she so intent on a single leaf on a particular tree.







With expertise in the life sciences, he is a “big picture” thinker and artist. He can see the beauty of a boa constrictor but might forget that it is best viewed from a distance.






Intent on the physical sciences, he’s always up for an experiment. He’s good at figuring out how to test questions, but often wants to “just do it and see what happens” without understanding what “it” is. If there’s a mess, bad smell, or random explosion in the shop, look for Popper.





Co-owner and manager of Prove Your World, she has general science knowledge and “rides herd on the craziness” the others get into.






Brian  is co-owner of Prove Your World and has a science background equivalent to Emmy’s. She’s clearly “in charge,” and he’s OK with that because it frees him up to mess around in the shop.